I'm a Creative Director with over a decade of experience in advertising, Art Direction & Design. I've focused in Social First and 360 campaign development: branding, social, experiential, and editorial assignments for Fashion, Beauty, Editorial, Home, and Lifestyle brands.

Clients include: L'oreal, Coty Premium, Michael Kors, Hugo Boss, Missoni, Joe Fresh, PepsiCo, Target, American Express, Hearst Media, Vice media, Unilever Beauty brands (Tresemme, Suave), Kate Spade brands, Carlson Hotel Group, Dream Hotels Group, Labelux Holding Group, Procter & Gamble, Patrick Cox, and Swarovski Brands.

Hard Skills:

360 Creative Direction, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Interactive Design, Brand Identity, Brand Systems, Concept Development, Brand Development, Design Development, Brand Strategy, Social Strategy, Content Creation, Photography direction, Website design, Experiential design, In-store Merchandising, E-commerce, Print Advertising, Social Media, OOH, Talent Casting, Creative Partnerships, Photo Editing.

Soft Skills: 

Project Management. Team building. Team Working, Positioning team members to use their talents optimally. Adaptability, Problem Solving, Keeping team members on task, on schedule, and budget. Mentoring, Creative vision, Innovation, Written and Verbal Communication Skills, Attention to Detail, Critical observation.

Bio: I was born in Bogota, Colombia and had a former education in Law, but my true passion is creativity. Subsequently, I went to art school, majoring in Design and Photography, and I have worked as a creative ever since.